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Dr Khursheed A Wani 25-03-2015 ITM University Gwalior 7 days NSS Camp was inaugurated on 18th March, 2015 at Romoya Village by the Chief Guest Sh. Rizwanudin, Hon’ble commissioner, Employment Provident Fund in the presence of Dr. Shivom Singh, former NSS programme officer, Dr K A Wani, programme officer NSS unit ITM University, Mr. K.K. Upadhyay, Ms. Chanda Purswani, Ms. Poonam Verma and Head master, Govt High School Romoya. A motivational lecture on the importance of social service was given by the Sh. Rizwanudin. Dr K A Wani, briefed the NSS volunteers on the entire schedule of forthcoming camp activities. Dr Shiv Om Singh shared his experience and inspired the students for the social activities. K K Upadhyay provided the details about the NSS rules and regulations and its importance in day today life. The chorus sang the song ‘Hum Honge Kamyaab Ek Din’ which symbolizes the high spirit and devotion of NSS theme. The students also made a pledge of conducting NSS camp with utmost devotion and sincerity. This year the NSS unit of ITM University selected interior rural area (Ramoya, Sikroda, Nainaghat) as model villages for its activities. Based on the theme of “ Clean India, Healthy India,” for seven days from 18 March to 24 March 2015, the NSS volunteers enlightened villagers through rallies, street plays, surveys, group discussions, social and economical survey about illiteracy, cleanliness, hygiene, superstitions, importance of savings, water management, govt. schemes etc. NSS volunteers like Md. Danish, Gaurav Singh, Md. Rashid, Lalit Singh, Neha Agarwal, Manisha Yadav, were working hard for the smooth conduct, order and discipline in the camp. More girl volunteers in number than boys actively enrolled their participation in various activities. The students from Zambia also participated in theses activities and were highly delighted. The rural people highly appreciated and participated in these activities. Dean Students Welfare, Prof. R. Chaturvedi, Dean SOET, Prof. Ranjeet Tomar, Dean SOLS, Dr GT Kulkarni, Head of Computer Science, Prof. Brijesh Chaurasia and Dean International affairs, Prof JL Bhat motivated and inspired NSS volunteers for such type of activities. Under the special guidance of Dr Deepak Sharma, coordinator NSS Jiwaji University, the camp was anchored by Dean Students Welfare, Dean SOET, Dean SOLS, Dr GT Kulkarni, Head of Computer Science and Prof JL Bhat. Dr Khursheed A Wani, NSS Programme Officer proposed a vote of thanks. All the activities were carried under the NSS programme coordinator Dr. Deepak Sharma, Jiwaji University, Gwalior
DR. PURNESH NARAYAN SINGH 24-03-2015 H.R.P.G. College Khalilabad, Sant Kabir Nagar-272175 (U.P) Affilited to DDU Gorakhpur University Gorakhpur (U.P.) Training of Program Officer
Dr Khursheed A Wani 20-03-2015 ITM University Gwalior Tree plantation 12 Feb. 2015 Tree plantation drive was conducted by NSS students near Kirloskar block in ITM University, Gwalior on Thursday. The students of BCA and MCA and faculty members also participated in the drive. They, along with other senior members of the group, decided to take up the initiative to give the campus more green cover. The group of 200 first ensured to remove all plastic bags and water bottles that were strewn around on the ground. Once the soil was cleared of plastic, the group began planting trees. They have also pledged to maintain the trees and check on their growth once a week. 200 trees were planted in the area. We are convinced that green cover is the only solution to protect the environment from rapid urbanization, said enthusiastic students. The group recently had organized several such drives to promote the cause. The programe was inaugurated by the Dean student welfare and Dean SOET, Head, Department of Chemistry, Head Civil Engineering and NSS programme officer, coordinator NCC, Dr Kapil and K.K. Upadhyay were also present in the event.
Dr Khursheed A Wani 20-03-2015 ITM University Gwalior Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Clean Campaign India 17 January, 2015 The students of NSS started cleaning the University campus under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan with the specific objectives of elimination of open defecation, conversion of insanitary toilets to pour flush toilets, eradication of manual scavenging, 100% collection and scientific processing, disposal,reuse,recycling of municipal solid waste, a behavioral change in people regarding healthy sanitation practices, generation of awareness among citizens about sanitation and its linkages with public health, supporting urban local bodies in designing, executing and operating waste disposal systems, facilitating private-sector participation in capital expenditure and operation and maintenance costs for sanitary facilities. With the help of placards and posters students visited nearby slum areas, rural areas to spread the messages among the people. Students themselves collected garbage’s, rubbish, polythene and other waste material and disposed the same properly.
Dr Khursheed A Wani 20-03-2015 ITM University Gwalior World Toilet day Awareness Programme ITM University Gwalior on World Toilet Day (19th November) visited various adjacent villages of Gwalior and created awareness about the use of toilets and their importance in day to day life. It is a day to raise awareness about all people who do not have access to a toilet - despite the human right to water and sanitation. It is to mention that of the world’s seven billion people, 2.5 billion people do not have improved sanitation. 1 billion people still defecate in the open. Women and girls risk rape and abuse because they have no toilet that offers privacy. The awareness campaign launched by ITM University on World Toilet day covered topics on: correct methods of hand-washing; water purification; the contamination chain; maintaining a clean toilet practices; management of household waste. Using a community-led approach, trained NSS, NCC volunteers and faculty members of ITM University conducted the campaign and followed up adoption of the key hygiene messages through house-to-house visits. The intervention also included the distribution of water treatment kits, containing soap bars, pamphlets on key safety practices on hygiene and hand washing towels. The students stressed the villagers to reduce the risk of diseases by following the safe hygiene practices in day to day life and bought a sense of responsibility among the villagers towards the use of toilets and hygiene practices. The campaign launched by ITM University, Gwalior along with NSS and NCC volunteers will inspire action to end open defecation and put spotlight on how access to improved sanitation leads to a reduction in assault and violence on women and girls. Having to defecate openly infringes on human safety and dignity. Women and girls in villages risk rape and abuse as they wait until night falls because they lack the access to a toilet that offers privacy. Toilets generally remain inadequate for populations with special needs, such as the disabled and elderly, and women and girls requiring facilities to manage menstrual hygiene. Without accessible toilets for these populations, they remain excluded from opportunities to attend school and gain employment. Proper sanitation is important not only from the general health point of view but it has a vital role to play in our individual and social life too. Sanitation is one of the basic determinants of quality of life and human development index. Good Sanitary practices prevent contamination of water and soil and thereby prevent diseases. The concept of sanitation therefore include personal hygiene, home sanitation, safe water, garbage disposal, excreta disposal and waste water disposal.
Dr Khursheed A Wani 20-03-2015 ITM University, Gwalior 20 December, 2014: Herbs have been the "green medicines" of the Earth since time began. Their gentle ways are easy for us to absorb into our body, mind, and spirit. When we take herbs internally, they nourish us deep inside. The herbal garden of ITM University were cleaned from debris, plastic, paper, polythene and the plants were watered one by one by the National Service Scheme Volunteers. Students of NSS were also educated about the importance of herbal plants in our daily life.
Dr. Jagdish Janbandhu 03-03-2015 Shri Mathuradas Mohota College of Science, Nagpur maharashtra Every year our college unit of NSS organizes Special Village Camp. This year the unit selected interior rural area of Nagpur district in Umrer tehsil. Karhandla, Tirkhura, Sev and Thana, the interior villages were selected for working out. Based on the theme of “ Clean India, Healthy India,” for seven days from 21 February to 27 February 2015, the NSS volunteers enlightened villagers through rallies, street plays, surveys, group discussions, social and economical survey about illiteracy, cleanliness, hygiene, superstitions, importance of savings, water management, govt. schemes etc. The inauguration was held by Shri Purushottam Bhisikar, a renowned poet, writer and journalist. Shri Sanjay Meshram, governor, Rotary International and Shri Rupeshji Gawali, President, Vithubaba Trust presided over the function. Afternoon sessions were enlightened by Shri Vasantdada Kumbhare (Educational Kirtan), Smt. Kirti (How should we Live), Smt. Saraswati Bahadure (Mind Stress Management), Prof. Jaiminee Kadoo (The skills of Life), Pradnyajyoti Bhajni Mandal, Jawrabodi (Bhajans on the lives of social reformers). The entire schedule of the camp was hectic in which Shri Dashrath Bahadure, social activist, Tirkhura was instrumental for the success of NSS events. NSS volunteers like Satyam Singh Bais, Siddhant Dingalwar were working hard for the smooth conduct, order and discipline in the camp. More girl volunteers in number than boys actively enrolled their participation in various activities. Intercaste marriage of the two couples was also celebrated during the camp tenure. Principal, Vice-Principal, our former NSS volunteers also visited the camp during Valedictory function. Under the special guidance of Prof. Jaiminee Kadoo, the camp was anchored by Miss Mamta Joshi while Dr. Jagdish Janbandhu, NSS Programme Officer proposed a vote of thanks.
PUSHPARAJA 02-03-2015 NSS PROGRAM OFFICER GOVT PU COLLEGE KUMBRA PUTTUR D.K DIST. KARNATAKA - 574210 our college two NSS girl students participated National Integration camp held at 24th to 30 December 2014 in Shri Mahaveera Degree College, Moodabidire, D.K Dist. Karnataka.
nepal das 02-03-2015 hariyana volunter
Dr. Archana Agrawal,P.o. 28-02-2015 Department of Education,University of Lucknow Volunteers of NSS Visited Regional Science Centre, Lucknow on Science Day, 28th February 2015.
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