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IDREES JALAL 02-05-2013 B 41 (FF) Ardee City Sector 52 Gurgaon 9891559526 I Participated in NIC Camp at Punjabi University, Patiala (Punjab) during 18 th - 24th Jan 2004 organise by Shri Guru Teg Bahadur National Integration Chair. I also participated in Republic Day Parade Camp 2003, I have been organizing REUNION of RD Parade Participants. Looking forward to organize the same for NIC Participants as well. Help me to get connected to all.
Amit Kumar Sharma 01-05-2013 Shri Shankaracharya Group of Institutions, Bhilai Chhattisgarh Conducted Workshops as a NSS Member and PROMOTER of SPOKEN TUTORIAL PROJECT an IIT BOMBAY Initiative and funded by MHRD GOVT OF INDIA for more details on different OPEN SOURCE LANGUAGE for making INDIA IT LITERATE. three workshop has been conducted till now 1.BSP BSP senior secondary school, sector 7 Bhilai in JAVA on April 18 2.BSP BSP senior secondary school, sector 10 Bhilai in PHP & MYSQL on April 23 3.Krishna Public School Bhilai in PHP & MYSQL on April 30
Deepak sharma 25-04-2013 Hno 825, sanjay collony arthala mohan nagar ghaxiabad (200107) Hi
mahesh 13-04-2013 limboda ta:botad kho-kho
Dr. B.P.Koche 08-04-2013 Govt. Industrial Training Institute Chandrapur road, Gadchiroli Special Residential Camp of NSS unit of Industrial Training Institute Gadchiroli was organized in the village Mahadwadi Gram Panchayat Churchura Tah Distt Gadchiroli from 25th Feb to 3rd March 2013. The central theme of the Camp was We are the responsible citizens of the India. Centralizing this theme all the programs were organized for the people of the village Mahadwadi and the NSS Volunteers. Aim of this theme was the volunteers villagers and all machinery of the Govt. of India has to know and understand their constitutional rights and duties and all responsibilities as a citizen of the India. In this Camp 65 volunteers and 13 NSS advisory committee members were participated. The inauguration program of this camp was on the 25th Feb. 2013 at 4.00pm. Hon. K.D. Burade Principal of I.T.I. Gadchiroli was the Chair person of this program. Hon. R.G. Allamwar D.V.E.O. of gadchiroli District were Inaugurator and Hon.Vishwanathji Bhowate and Hon. Kesari patil Usendi the Member of Z.P.Gadchiroli Hon. Mrs. Kamaltai Mhashakhetri Srpanch of Gram Panchayat Chuchura Hon Purushottamji Munghate Upsarpanch of Gram Panchayat Chuchura Hon. Hiramanji Barsagade President of Tantamukti Samiti Mahadwadi Hon. Rajendra Chudhari Police patil were present as a Chief Guest of this Program. Hon. Allamwar promotes and uplift the volunteers on that occasion in his inauguration speech. He said The Volunteers has technical knowledge and they are different from common man. They have ability to do the progress and change their life. He wishes to use their knowledge and promote the villagers and pay back to the society and do the work for the village. He wishes for the success of the Camp. Hon. Bhowate addressed that the volunteers of this camp are the trainees of the I.T.I. and they are not lower than any other person. If they will decide in their mind they will change the nation. So they have to complete their training and study hard and confidently. He wishes for the success of the Camp. Hon. Usendi said this is the Tribal District. In this district we are trying to bring all facilities. But the people and student have some responsibilities to take benefit of these facilities and do work hard for the success. He wishes for the success of the Camp. Hon. Kamal madam said I am thankful to NSS unit that they are here and serve for us. She promises to cooperate for the success of the camp. The Chair person Hon. Burade addressed that the Volunteers has technical knowledge and they are different from common man. They have ability to do the progress and change their life. He wishes to use their knowledge and promote the villagers and pay back to the society and do the work for the village. He request to the villagers to cooperate the volunteers and take their help in the progressive work of the village. He gives wishes to the volunteers to win the mind of the villagers by their good behavior and hard work. He wishes for the success of the Camp. In this Camp daily Yoga Meditation and Vipassana were prepared by Dr. B.P.Koche Director Jeevak Yoga Treatment and training Institute gadchiroli. In the SHRAMDAN session in the morning the main target of Road construction was completed apart of that volunteers who were the technical hands repairs electrical appliances refrigerators electronic appliances etc. They construct and repairs forming utensils and gate by welding done electric fitting ih houses Repairing faults etc. For good health and cleaning they did clean road drainage and area of the village. Foe healthy environment they did plantation in the roadside guide people about cleaning and keeping good health of their family and child development. In this camp About Rs.42000 work done by the volunteers. Villagers also participated and co-operate in the work of cleaning and road construction. In the Guidance and Information Session in the afternoon so many experts give their knowledgeand experience in respect to change and develop the thinking of the people and volunteers to become a responsible civilian of the Great India. On 26th Feb. 2013 in the morning session at 9.30 am Health camp was organized. In this camp Dr. Nishant nadgirwar Dr. Roshana Tirgam Dr. Kiran Raghuwanshi were participated from The General hospital Gadchiroli and checked the health B.P. and Sugar of the villagers and give free treatment pass of the hospital. About 300 villagers checked their health in this camp. In the evening Session Entrepreneurship and Self-employment Camp was organized for the unemployed people. In this camp Mr. Vijay Agasti project Inspector from D.I.C. gadchiroli and Inspector form Khadi Gromodhyod Mahamandal Gadchiroli were participated and gives information and introduced their scheme. Hon. Narendra Shende the principal Govt. Polytechnic Gadchiroli introduced the schemes of vocational education and training department and Importance of the technical Education. He explain the importance of the Industrial Revolution and appeal to the people to take industrial education and participate in the progress or upliftment of our country. In the night session for the youth Hon. Dr. Kumbhare was participate and delivered his speech on Ignorance Deterioration of humanity Superstition Blind faith Injustice casteism religious problem and thinking of Great person and Saint. On 27th Fe 2013 Savitrimai Mahila Melawa was organized on women of the India Social development of the India- culture rights duties and responsibilities of the women. Hon. Anil Kanekar from Lakhandur was simplified this subject and introduced the constitution of India and responsibilities of the civilian of the India. On 28th Feb. 2013 Shetkari Melawa wasorganized on the subject of Formers of India and the schemes of Govt. for formers and the rights responsibility duties of the formers and the govt. employees. In this Melawa Hon. Sandeep karhade faculty Expert from Agriculture Engineering Agriculture Science Centre Gadchiroli introduce the schemes of Govt. for formers and developments in the Agriculture field. In this session Hon. Purushottam Bagmare Great Prabodhankar from Shovaji Vidyalaya Nagbhid addressed the people on the Role of the Great Social reformers of India in the social development. On 1st March 2013 in the morning session The camp for the formers to check the health and give free treatment was organized. In this camp all cattle in the village were checked treated and vaccinated by the veterinary Doctors from Govt. Hospitals. Dr. Katawe Kurhadi Dr. ramteke Porla Dr.Dhakane Dr. Gongale Dr.Jambhule Vevelopment officer Dr. Bhoyar Dr. Lade and Mr. Bande Mr. Meshram mr. Dhakate were Participated in this camp and total 848 cattle were treated vaccinated and other treatments were given. On 1st March 2013 in the afternoon session Student-parents and Youth Camp was organized. Dr. B.P.Koche was chairperson and Hon. R.B.Khobragade Hon. Ashok Gadkari were guest of honor of this Camp. Dr. Koche in his speech said that the central point of our Constitution is the Human. Our constitution is our lifestyle for this Human. There are all things in the constitution i.e. how to live do progress think become happy and peaceful etc and there is provision to have these things. But we didn’t understand it. We have to study to know all these things if we want to have it. If we will follow this then we will become happy. So we have to follow it. Hon. Khobragade appeal to follow the Great Social Reformer and become responsible civilian of this country. He said without following the constitution we are not able to become responsible civilian of the India. Nr. Gadkari delivered the speech and in his speech he said without leaving evils and purifying our mind we do not able to become happy and peaceful and are not able to give happiness to others. He appeal to leave divine intervention and accept and faith on our own Kamma. Then we will do progress and become happy. On 2nd March 2013 Retreat for Villagers was organized to solving problems of villagers. The subject of this Retreat was Social structure of India and its effects on the society (Problems of civilian and schemes of the Govt. for the civilian and their responsibilities. In this Retreat villagers share their problems with Sarpanch and all members of Gram Panchayat. They discuss and get the solution of the problems. In all above program villagers participated actively and give response. They helped in Shramdan and cleaning of the village Plantation Rod construction and all activities of NSS. In respect to this the principal of I.T.I. Gadchiroli Hon. K.D.Burade honored the villagers with giving the books of biography and mission of the social reformers of the India. He specially respected to the Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Churchura with giving the Book of our India’s Constitution. In this function the Vice Principal Hon. Naravaiyya Office superintendent Hon. Hiwase Hon. Purushottamji Munghate Upsarpanch of Gram Panchayat Chuchura Hon. Hiramanji Barsagade President of Tantamukti Samiti Mahadwadi Hon. Rajendra Chudhari Police patil were present as a Chief Guest of this Program. Hon. Burade gives the Prizes to the successful Volunteers too. On the 3rd March 2013 in the Epilogue ceremony certificates and prizes were given by the honorable Suresh Donge and Chief Guests of this Program Hon Purushottamji Munghate Upsarpanch of Gram Panchayat Chuchura Hon. Hiramanji Barsagade President of Tantamukti Samiti Mahadwadi Hon. Rajendra Chudhari Police patil Mahadwadi. Hon. Dr. B.P.Koche gives vote of thanks for the cooperation and help of the villagers Volunteers and all the staff members for their kind Cooperation. For the success of this camp Hon. K.D.Burade Principal Vice Principal Hon. Suresh Donge and Hon. Naravaiyya O.S. Hon. Hiwase G.I. Hon. Boratwar and Hon. Kelkar Instructor Mr. Yuvraj Khobragade Mr. Shahare Maraskolhe Kadu Paratwar Dhurve Barshinge Shrigiriwar Puram Ku. Kanire Mr. Chudhari Shatrakar Volunteers Akash parate Nilesh Sakhare Wankar Barapatre and Sarpanch Upsarpanch and all members and villagers of Mahadwadi were responsible. So Dr. Koche gives Vote of thanks for all.
Dr. D.S Raghuvanshi 08-04-2013 Shri Shankaracharya Group Of Institution, Junwani, Bhilai (Chhattisgarh) On 5th February to 11 February 2013, we had organised a 7 days NSS Special Unit Camp at Nandkatti, Durg,(C.G) for all the NSS members of our Institution. We focused about Health Awareness among the villagers. Dr. Asha Jain (Cancer Specialist , Raipur), Dr. Priti Shrivastava( Child Specialist, Bhilai) came to give their moral Service and lectures to the villagers of Nandkatti village.
Ram Anuj Pal 06-04-2013 Vill&Post-Ghuriyapar, Tahsil-Sahjanwa Distt-Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh Pin-273209 Organizing camp for youth to aware about personnel hygiene, better caring about their own health regarding to disease present in commuty..............
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