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R Dinesh Kumar 20-02-2017 Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli-627 012, Tamil Nadu. Cell number 7811033090. I have going to two special camps 1. National Integretion Camp 2016. 2. State Republic Day Parade Camp 2017 Tamilnadu.
Shahid Afridi 19-02-2017 132 kill a muhalla raj nagar basti bawa khel jalandhar. I Am join NSS Camp
Rajani Kant 18-02-2017 Kasap Udwantnagar I want to join NSS.
N.S.S Unit of Saraswati College 17-02-2017 Saraswati College of Engineering PRE CAMP ACTIVITIES The camp site Shirsonpada, Mokhada, Palghar was selected our P.O. Dr. Ram Bhise considering the requirements of village, safety of students, scope of work, availability of resources etc. This camp site was chosen over another option Dhenganmal village near Whardi, Shahpur as per the suitability considering all above points. Water mentor for IWWA (SCOE students Chapter & Youth Forum) played a vital role considering the supply chain for material, resources, sponsorships and technical support from WSSO Water and Sanitation Support Organization, IWWA Indian Water Work Association, Jalvardhini, Bhagini Nivedita NGO and technical support from Zilla Parishad which was considered by P.O. DR. Ram Bhise and NSS Head Raj Khade. Pre Camp Activities Included: 1. Demarcation of toilets and bathrooms. 2. Checking the kitchen and utensil condition. 3. Checking of boys residential room and girls residential room. 4. Location for mandap. 5. Interaction with the villagers for their support. 6. Checking conditions and water levels of well A, B, C, D. 7. Scope of work for Desilting and calculation of work. 8. Demarcation for plinth for ferrocement tank. 9. Arrangement for satrangis, buckets, mugs, chairs, water storage tank from Devbandh with support from Bhagini Nivedita NGO and Mr. Sathe. 10. Survey of rate of food (Kirana store) materials, quantity of food material for the camp. 11. Survey for the cost of jeeps from Kasara to Shrisonpada and back. 12. Purchase of chalk powder. 13. Allocating the electric supply, no. of switch boards etc. 14. Finalizing the contract. 15. Approximating total expenditure for the camp. 16. Collection of undertaking forms. 17. Instructing volunteers for the requirement of material to be brought for camp. DAY 1 21.12.2016 All the volunteers were required to reach Thane railway station to board 7:35 Kasara Train. On reaching Karasa station a check for attendance was done. From Jalvardhini organization which helped us to build the ferrocement tank, Mr. Vijay lehere and Mr. Bhagat joined the Group. 3 Jeeps were allotted for travel from Kasara-Khodala- Pulchivadi-Shirsonpada about 55kms on reaching the village. The boys and girls arranged their luggage in their respective rooms. Along the way from devbandh satrangis, buckets mugs, and drinking water tank were added. Checking of constructed toilets, plinth for ferrocement tank and mandap was done. The volunteers were instructed to have lunch. After the lunch a rest period was given and volunteers were instructed to meet at 4pm for camp site visit. The camp site visit was headed by Dr. Ram Bhise which included: 1. Visit to well A,B,C,D. 2. Visit to constructed plinth for ferrocement tank. 3. Visit to site for desilting about 0.5 km from village. 4. A visit within the village to interact with villagers to be acquainted with living conditions A tea break was given to volunteers. A brief discussion among the volunteers was done about the visit , condition of village, scope of improvement, amount of work and how can we work to give optimum result. The dinner was served by the volunteers themselves as well as the cleaning of utensils. an introduction session was done near a bon fire which included name, the purpose of joining NSS in order for volunteer get acquainted as the crowd was interdepartmental. At 10pm the lights were off with enthusiasm for next day. DAY 2 22.12.2016 A few boys slept in boys room while a few under the mandap. At 5am sharp everyone woke up and headed to mandap there a 20 minutes meditation session was done followed with stretching exercise. The volunteers were taken for jogging and team unity building games were played. The morning tea was given with breakfast among all the members 5 different committees were mad for smooth functioning of activities. 1. FOOD COMMITTEE. 2. DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE. 3. CLEANLINESS COMMITTEE. 4. CULTURAL COMMITTEE. 5. HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE. Food committee's duty was to bring the prepared food, serve the food to all volunteers and place the utensils back in kitchen. Discipline committee instructed all the volunteers to complete their duties within allotted time and to call volunteers for any programme lined up in allotted time. Cleanliness committee manage the cleanliness of the area including dustbin, placement of shoes in line, cleaning of plastic in mandap etc. Cultural committee held the responsibility for performing, managing the cultural programmes for volunteers and villagers so the bond between the two is strengthened. Hospitality committee took responsibility for the anchoring for guest lectures, giving away the invitation and appreciation letters and other things required for guest lectures. After allocation of committees for the day 2 group were formed: I. Desilting Group II. Ferrocement Tank Group. Each Group left for their Shandon for the day. Each worked for a period of 50 min with a 10 min break from 10am to 12:30pm. The food committee managed the lunch for all volunteers and a rest period was given. Principal (SCOE) Dr. Manjusha Deshmukh, HOD Civil Department Prof. Roshni John, Faculties: Prof. Asmita Lakota, Prof. Vasundhara, Prof. Jadhav came for official visit well as to appreciate the work taken up by the students of SCOE. Visit at dam site, desilting site, ferrocement tank site was done and the scope, work method and amount of work to be done was explained. Principle, HOD, madam and faculties had lunch with the students. A felicitation ceremony was held post lunch. Words of wisdom and appreciation were said by Principle Dr. Manjusha Dehmukh, HOD Prof. Rohsni John and accompanied faculties. Prof. Jadhav, Prof. Asmita Lakote, Prof. Vasundhara joined the volunteers for the remaining days of camp. A guest lecture was arranged for the students with help of P.O. Dr. Ram Bhise and volunteer Tejal Hajare an eradication of social evils by Mr. Patil followed by enthusiastic interaction session. Dinner was followed and the volunteers were asked to assemble in the mandap after dinner. A sorry session, thank you session and thought of the day session was done. Sorry session-To be sorry for something for our behavior. Thank you session-For appreciating help by someone. Thought of the day-To express thoughts about life. DAY 3 23.12.2016 The day started with similar morning routine to wake up at 5 a.m., meditation , exercise, and jogging including team unity building games. After the breakfast and tea the two groups then left for the shramdan . The shramdan continued from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The member from zilla parishad including Mr. Sachin and his team visited the desilting site and ferrocement site. The volunteers provided technical data. The mass had a sloping profile. The total escavated volume of silt is 14.63 cubic metre approx. which equals 15,000 litres. 15,000 litres capacity of reservoir was increased. The two ferrocement tanks were constructed having capacity 1,000 lit. to 10,000 lit. The dimensions are given below. As per head difference in walls and tank 2hp AC pump was proposed. After lunch the students were interacting with the villagers to know their living struggle, adverse condition etc. A guest lecture on Shiv Charitra by Mr. Baba Saheb Khawlw which included bravery of great Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, his battles ,his management skills and inspirational life experiences. The guest lecture was followed with dinner and then the sorry , thank-you and thought of the day session. DAY 4 24.12.2016 The morning routine was strictly followed by breakfast. The team headed for the shramdan. The village people accompanied the volunteers for shramdan for desilting as well as ferrocement tank work with the help of villagers the working efficiency increased twice as much. Until this day 60% of desilting work and 80% ferrocement tank was completed. The shramdan continued till 1 p.m. and was followed by lunch. Mr. Vilas Paranjpe who supported the camp through IWWA and Dr. S.A. Deo who has given a great contribution to the building of NSS in India as he is from the very first batch of NSS in country. They visited the work sites and gave the important suggestions. Guest lecture by Dr. S.A. Deo was conducting on topic of Role of NSS in national development. The groups were given rest period . The volunteers interacted with children of village and explained about importance of education as well as made them perform their arts like song, poem and dance . This was followed by dinner . The students shared their experiences uptill this point . The heads conveyed the rectifications required for increasing the productivity and output. The volunteer gave each other constructive suggestion for increasing efficiency. The next day the village survey was to be conducted . The instructions for the same were conveyed by the heads . Trustee of Bhagini Nivedita Mrs. Bapat shared her view. Lecture of women empowerment and words of inspirationand appreciation were given by IWWA President Dr. Hemant Landge. DAY 5 25.12.2016 The morning routine followed by breakfast and then followed by the survey of village.the points of survey included : a. Number of people and their age group b. House number c. Educational Qualification d. Bank account as well as government schemes benefits details e. Documentation details like adhar card ,pan card etc. f. Land ownership details g. Household income, sources of income h. Insurance of members i. Skills of members j. Their problems faced k. Their response in camp and work of students. The total count of village members was 400.The survey was done in printed survey forms throughout the village . The data was given to members of bhagini nivedita NGO . A meeting was held by Bhagini nivedita with students. About slope of work the points proposed were 1 To construct study platforms under the street lights for students to study at night. 2 Provide books 3 Provide solar lamps 4 Provide radio and cassets for audio visual studies. 5 Provide primary health care equipments. 6 Increase number of health check ups in a year. 7 Teach a new skill to generate income. Which followed by lunch and a short interactive session with ‘BhaginiNivedita’ members. Mr. Prasad pendse ,Mr. Prasad Rane, Mrs. Shefali Paranjpe. The volunteers were then sent back to their respective shramdan work. The cultural committee had prepared a play about the importance of water as well as the maintenance and use of ferrocement tank under leadership of ApoorvaSontakke as well as a programme of Haldi Kumkum was done for village ladies. All the students wore a traditional attire to create a friendly environment with the villagers. After the event dinner was concluded which followed with sorry and thank you session and discussion about the survey , the mistakes and improvements required. DAY 6 26.12.16 The day started with the morning routine .the morning shramdan included numbering the houses as per the survey form numbers. A finishing task of Shramdan was done for the silt work and ferrocement tank. The water level near the silt site had increased and the ferrocement tanks curing had started which presented results of completion. Number of guests were lined up for the day to inspect the work done by the volunteers. The members from WASSO {water and sanitation support organization}and Zilla parishad members Inspected the work completed as well as how the camp was conducted . It was followed by lunch and the final group photos at ferrocement site and desilting site A gramsabha was conducted for the villagers leaded by samadhan lad which included interaction with villagers, knowing their problems ,giving them solutions and explaining the importance of the things the villagers must do to improve their standard of living . The villagers provided speaker and a dance session was conducted where the children in the village and volunteers danced together to fix the band for a period of life which was followed by lunch and a bonfire session where everyone opened their feeling about camp. DAY 7 27.12.16 As it was the last day the volunteers were in nostalgia. The morning routine was still followed.As the shramdan was completed the volunteers were spending their last day interacting with villagers. The villagers were very happy and touched by the work of volunteers. On the last day a programme was conducted to felicitate all the people , organisations who helped to make the camp successful. Felicitation was given to: 1. Gram sevak 2. Sarpanch 3. Mr. Bhagwan 4. The Head teacher 5. P.O. Dr. Ram Bhise 6. Prof. Jadhav, Prof. Vasundhara and Prof. Asmita Lakote The students gave speeches and performed poems about their experience and the programme was conducted by speech of our P.O. Dr. Ram Bhise. The volunteers packed their bags and after lunch placed their luggage in jeeps to head back to Kasara. 6.18 p.m. Kasara-CST train was boarded by all students , which concluded a very successful camp.
Kalsariya Ishwar M. 15-02-2017 Akhand Anand Arts & Comm. Collage, Ved Road, Surat-395004 Date 29 to 31 January 2017 at VNSGU special NSS SKILL DEVLOPMENT . We 45 at VNSGU SURAT .. Gammat sathe ghnan .. Thank u MALVIYA SAHEB , HEMALI MAM, ANITA MAM , SINDE SAHEB , and thanks all MARA MITRO ..
Kalsariya Ishwar M. 15-02-2017 Akhand Anand Arts & Comm. Collage, Ved Road, Surat-395004 Date 29 to 31 January 2017 at VNSGU special NSS SKILL DEVLOPMENT . We 45 at VNSGU SURAT .. Gammat sathe ghnan .. Thank u MALVIYA SAHEB , HEMALI MAM, ANITA MAM , SINDE SAHEB , and thanks all MARA MITRO .. whatsapp = +918140575184 & call = +918733016277
Ajay Singh Rajpurohit 12-02-2017 Pali, Rajasthan नमस्कार , मै अजय सिंह पिछले 6 वर्षो से NSS से जुड़ा हुआ हु अभी मेने अपनी एक टीम बनाई जिसमे 25 स्वंसेवक एवं स्वंसेविकाए है941 हम हर जगह शिविर लगते है और सभी सहायता करते है अगर कही कोई शिविर हो भारत मे कही भी तो हममे बताये हम जुड़ना चाहेगे अजय सिंह 94149774781
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