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Sh. Sartaj Singh 13-12-2013 Govt. College, Shahpur Blood donation camp was organised with co-cooperation with NSS unit GC Shahpur and Medical College Tanda staff on dated 26-09-2013. In this Camp around 27 volunteers and teachers participated.
Dr. Ravi Akula 11-12-2013 NSS programme Co ordinator, Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh - 508254 A megfa blood donation camp organized by NSS Units I,II and III of EVR Memorial Degree & PG College, Kodad, HDFC bank associated in the programme. Dr. Ravi Akula, NSS Programme Co ordinator, MGU attended as chief guest and inaugurated the camp. Indian Medical Association Kodad president, V. Srinivas Reddy, Kodad Town Circle Inspector Madhusudhan and G. Ramana reddy, Principal of the college attended. A total of 106 blood units donated NSS Volunteers.
Ram Kumar 11-12-2013 N.S.S Programme Officer D.A.V Centenary Public school Una(H.P) AIDS Awareness Rally On 30th November 2013, on the eve of world AIDS Day(i.e on 1st December), school NSS Unit organized a rally to aware the civilians about HIV and AIDS. NSS Volunteers with Students of the school participated in this rally. School Principal Sh. Atul Mahajan flaged off the rally. The rally passed through the streets of surrounding areas of the school with the slogans, “Walk against HIV and ADIDS” “Together we will Ends AIDS” “Stop AIDS. Keep Promise” “Show Compassion to People Living With AIDS” “Fight AIDS. Not People with AIDS” School Principal Sh. Atul Mahajan addressed the rally and told the students to aware the peoples of their surroundings. School teachers- Mrs. Sudesh Kapil, Mr Vipin Kumar and NSS Programme Officer escorted the students during the rally.
Ram Kumar 11-12-2013 NSS Programme Officer D.A.V. Centenary Public School Una(H.P) Blood donation Camp on 31st October 2013, a blood donation camp was organised by school NSs Unit. Fourteen staff member of school donated the blood in this camp. School Principal along with NSS P.O inaugrated the camp by donating blood forst. at the end of the camp Dr. anita sharma address the volunteers. she told the volunteers that the physically fit person of eighteen yea old can donate the blood there is no side effect of blood donation.
Dr R B LASHKARI 10-12-2013 Shri S Z Waghela High School Bethak road Khambhat Di- Anand Gujarat A blood donation camp was organised with the co-operation of the NSS Unit of Shri S Z Waghela high school khambhat and Indian Red Cross Society Khambhat 12 volunteers of NSS 3 teachers of the school and 53 youngsters of Gymkhana donated blood in this camp Thus total 68 bottles of blood were collected
usha satpathy, Kamadev Pathi PO.NSS 10-12-2013 Chitrada College Chitrada Mayurbhanj Odisha A Ralley was organised by the NSS volunteers of Chitrada College Chitrada Mayurbhanj on Blood Donation to save life 1200 students have participated in the ralley Principal Chitrada College Chitrada inaugurated the ralley Kamdev path PO Biswajit mohanta PO SHIBANI KAR PO PRAVAS GIRI PO Mrs USHA SATPATHY are leading the ralley On 11.12.13 will be a Blood Donation Camp in order to create awareness the rally moved all over the town of Chitrada.
SUSHIL KUMAR KANWA 06-12-2013 PROGRAMME OFFIER GOVT.SR.SEC.SCHOOL MEWLA MAHARAJPUR FARIDABAD HARYANA रक्त दान शिविर का आयोजन 17.11.2013 राष्ट्रीय सेवा योजना फरीदाबाद ( एन.एस.एस. ) के सहयोग से रेजिडेंट वेलफेयर एसोसिएसन सेक्टर - 55 फरीदाबाद ने सेक्टर 55 के सामुदायिक भवन के परिसर में एक रक्तदान शिविर का आयोजन किया गया |इस अवसर पर इंडिअन रेड क्रॉस फरीदाबाद की और से सचिव श्री डी.आर.शर्मा. व उनके सहयोगी सह सचिव श्री बी.बी.कथुरिया ,डॉक्टर एम.पी.सिंह व आर डब्लू ओ सेक्टर - 55 के प्रधान प्रदीप राणा भी विशेष रूप में उपस्थित थे | इस अवसर पर एन. एस. एस. अधिकारी व एन. एस. एस. जिला संयोजक सुशील कण्वा ने रक्त दान कि महत्व को विस्तार से बताकर सभी दाताओ को समय समय पर रक्त दान करते रहने को कहा और इसे बहुत ही नेक कार्य बताया | इस अवसर पर अध्यापक देवेंदर कुमार,रवि शास्त्री ,कमलेश शास्त्री , डॉक्टर अतुल अग्रवाल , कल्याण शर्मा ,नरेश शास्त्री ,बीरबल सिंह ,साइन सिंह बिष्ट ओ. पी. गुप्ता , धर्मबीर शर्मा ,आर सी पाल ,तेजपाल सिंह , रूप किशोर शर्मा ,देवी सिंह ,एस एन शर्मा, ने भी रक्त दान किया व सभी रक्त दाताओ व अथितियो का धन्यवाद कर इस नेक कार्य में योगदान देने के लिये आभार व्यक्त किया | एन.एस.एस. अधिकारी सुशील कण्वा ने जानकारी दी की इस शिविर में 135 इकाई एकत्रित हुई |
SANJEEV KUMAR CHAUDHARY 05-12-2013 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR IN GEOGRAPHY, PO NSS BOYS UNIT-I, GOVERNMENT COLLEGE, SIDHRAWALI, GURGAON (HARYANA) We organized a Blood Donation Camp on 15th Oct. 2013 in the College Campus and 50+ volunteers donated their valuable blood. The camp was organized with the help of District Haryana Red Cross Society, GURGAON.
Dr.Ranjit kumar singh 05-12-2013 p.o._sahibganj college sahibganj,s.k.m.u ,dumka ,jharkhand blood donation camp
Dr. Ravi Akula 05-12-2013 NSS Programme Coordinator Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda Andhra Pradesh Blood donation camp held on 01-12-2013 at Neelagiri Degree & PG College, Nalgonda. NSS Units 1&2. 33 Blood units donated by volunteers.
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