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Mr. P. Annadurai 18-01-2013 NSS Programme Officer Kongu Arts and Science College, Nanjanapuram, Erode - 638 107. Tamilnadu. Mobile:99421-83330 29.12.2012 - Blood Donation Awareness Campaign at Kasipalayam, K.K.Nagar and Bharathipuram villages during the 7 day special camp.
sandeep kumar nss volunteer 18-01-2013 student of m.scit 1st in sri guru gobind singh college sec 26 chandigarh. 242 donors donated blood on 15 oct 2012 in sri guru gobind singh college sec 26 chandigarh
yogesh sharma 15-01-2013 St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School Polipathar Jabalpur Vivekanand Jayanti was celebrated with full gaiety and honor.
Vibhuti Bhushan Jha 06-01-2013 Karim city College Jamshedpur On the eve of World Blood donar day on 1st October 2012 we donate blood in Red cross society along with an awareness rally for blood donation.
Vivek kumar kaushal 04-01-2013 G.I.C JUNGA , BLOCK DUNDA, UTTARKASHI All the volunteers worked different work in near by village to our school like cleaning. Social-economic survey :) assists to make wall speech and essay on AIDS, pøllution, EVS, etc. GK QUIZ, N.S.S LOGO N POSTER COmpetition
VISHNUPRAKASH P 04-01-2013 NSS PROGRAMME OFFICER NALANDA COLLEGE ARTS & SCIENCE, PERLA,KASARAGOD DISTRICT Free Dental checkup :- A Free Dental Checkup by KVG Dental College Sullia was held in AUP School Movvar as a part of NSS 7 days Camp organised by Nalanda College, Perla. Dr.Umesh Devaraj & Dr.Naveen Kumar, Dental Dept of KVG Dental College provided awareness to the NSS volunteers & localities about “Important of Dental Health in our day to day life”. They also told that Tooth cancer can be detected in early stage and can be cured completely. The fully prepared set of Dr’s & students of KVG Dental College underwent the Dental Checkups to the Campers & localities. Coconut Shell Workshop :- A special Coconut Shell workshop was conducted at AUP School Movvar as a part of NSS Special Camp Organised by NSS Unit No :-49 of Nalanda College, Perla. Sri.Venkataramana Bhat Movvar conducted the workshop by showing how various products can be made up from the Coconut Shells. Campers & Localities at the camp were attracted towards the workshop when Venkataramana, showcased the art of preparing useful things from Coconut Shells. Workshop also exhibited these products Cups-Mobile Stands- Key Bunch- Bangles-Flower Stand-Trophy etc....This workshop conveyed a awareness massage as that “ Anything in the nature is not useless or waste”, any person with Patience & Dedication can surely learn this art Venkatramana Bhat added. As a part of this workshop Puppet show by Manoj Kumar BB who prepares Yakshgana costume jewelery & Poppets using Thermacol & Kumari Shreya exhibitedher talent by preparing various stage decorables & other products like Carpets by using waste cloths. NSS volunteers and localities were present. Health Awareness Class :- NSS unit of Nalanda College Arts & Science, Perla has organised a 7 Days special camping programme at AUP School Movvar. As a part of this camp a Health Awareness Class was conducted by Dr.Vijayan, Health Inspector, PHC Kumbdaje. Dr.Vijayan discussed on Health Survey which was conducted by Campers in 8th ward of Kumbdaje Panchayath. “Spreading Diseases , water based Diseases , Long term Diseases turns out a human beings spirit of joy to menace and every person is responsible of his own Health & well being” he added. NSS volunteers and localities were present. Valedictory Function The NSS unit of Nalanda College,Perla has organised 7 days Special Camp at AUP School Movvar. Sevaral Developmental activities were conducted during the camp. Main projects underwent here were Colony Road Repair, Leveling the School Ground, Health Survey of 8th Ward of Kumbdaje Gramapanchayath, Free Dental Checkup by KVG Dental College Sullia, Pipe Compost, Personality Development & Awareness Classes, Coconut Shell Workshop, Cultural Exchange aiming National integration. The Valedictory Function held on 29-12-2012, Presided by Ahammed Kabeer C.A, (Managing Director, Nalanda College of arts & Science, Perla,) Chief Guest of the day was P.S.Punchithaya, (Artist, Kanchanaganga Kalagrama, Pundoor) and Mohammed Ali Perla, (Retd. Registrar, Badiadka). Mohammed Ali Perla, who released Camp Souvenir at the function. Felicitation speech was rendered by Sriramachandra (Headmaster, AUPSchool Movvar) Vasudeva Movvar (PTA President) Shankara (Staff Secretary Nalanda College, Perla,) Abhilash (HOD Geography Dept.,Nalanda college,Perla) Anantharama (Ex-NSS Secretary,Nalanda college,Perla). Camp Director Mr.Ashok (HOD.Economics Dept,Nalanda college,Perla) extended hearty welcome, NSS Programme Officer Vishnuprakash Mulleria presented the Report of the NSS Camp. Ms.Thahira, NSS Secretary extended the vote of thanks, NSS Secretary Mr.Vinay Narampady, other NSS volunteers and localities were present.
Dr. M. Anuradha Reddy 03-01-2013 NSS Programme Officer, University College of Commerce& Business Management, Mahatma gandhi University, Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh. Blood donation camp orgainized in the special camp on 3rd Jan, 2013. total 14 units donated (6 student volunteers & 8 Local youth)
NSS, GIET 03-01-2013 National Service Scheme, GIET, Gunupur, Odisha. Respected Sir, With due respect, we would like to put forward few lines for your kind information and necessary action. Sir, during this year 2012 (i.e. Jan 2012 to Dec 2012), our NSS wing has organized 11 times blood donation camps inside the GIET Campus with the help of nearby blood banks like Gunupur Blood Bank, Paralakhumundi Blood Bank, Rayagada Blood Bank, Koraput Blood Bank and Berhampur Blood Bank and donated 1010 units of blood as per their requirement. The list of dates and units of blood collected are as below: Sl. No. Date Total Unit Donated 1 3rd March 2012 60 2 7ty April 2012 60 3 2nd May 2012 50 4 16th June 2012 52 5 28th July 2012 50 6 25th August 2012 60 7 8th Sept 2012 50 8 1st Oct 2012 81 9 24th Nov 2012 434 10 8th Dec 2012 62 11 22nd Dec 2012 51 Total no. of Blood Units Donated: 1010 As you know last year (i.e. 2011) we have donated 1032 Units in a single Mega Blood donation camp but we found it is not the requirement of the Blood Bank. So we organized it every month for the proper utilization of the donated blood units. Thanking you. NSS, GIET, Gunupur Rayagada, Odisha
Dr. Ravi Akula 29-12-2012 NSS Programme Coordinator Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda Andhra Pradesh Blood donation camp organized by the NSS Units of Government Degree College, Ramannapeta (Nalgonda Dist, Andhra Pradesh). 61 NSS Volunteers have donated blood.
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