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K.KARTHIKEYAN 24-10-2011 AP & HOD, DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, NSS PROGRAMME OFFICER, SUDHARSAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE PUDUKKOTTAI - 622501 TAMILNADU Under the auspices of the NSS Units 1 and II , a programme titled” General Orientation” was conducted on 23-07-11 for the benefit of the NSS Volunteers. Dr.K.Kanakaraju, Associate Professor of Tamil, Ganesar College of Arts and Science, Melashivapuri, Pudukkottai district and former NSS Programme Coordinator, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli was the Chief Guest of the occasion. He touched upon various issues ranging from Motto of NSS ,Objective of NSS, the role of NSS volunteer, the purpose of blue and red colour in the symbol, Team work , Character Building, Global warming, Republic day parade, National Integration camp etc. He shared his experience about his observations and how NSS can be instrumental in getting Nirmal Puraskar award for the village leader. A number of interesting and motivating photos were shown through power point to the volunteers to inspire them.
K.KARTHIKEYAN 24-10-2011 AP&HOD , DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, NSS PROGRAMME OFFICER, SUDHARSAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE, PUDUKKOTTAI - 622501 TAMILNADU A request to clean up the temple premises of Thiruvarangulam was made to our Principal by the temple authorities. NSS volunteers numbering 55 involving 30 boys and 25 girls were mobilized to carry out the task of cleaning the entire area with very hard manual effort as the area had very big stones on 18-09-11. At the end of the programme, Mr.Kalayanasundaram, and the Programme officer Mr.K.Karthikeyan thanked all the volunteers for their great effort taken by them.
K.KARTHIKEYAN 24-10-2011 A.P&HOD PHYSICS, NSS PROGRAMME OFFICER SUDHARSAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE PUDUKKOTTAI - 622501 TAMILNADU Blood Donation programme was conducted recently(13-09-11) at our college premises. Dr.abdul Salem kuthoos , Blood Bank Officer, Govenment HQ Hospital, Pudukkottai was the Chief guest of the occasion.122 students donated 122 units of blood.
K.KARTHIKEYAN 24-10-2011 AP & HOD, DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, NSS PROGRAMME OFFICER, SUDHARSAN ENGINEERING COLLEGE PUDUKKOTTAI - 622501 TAMILNADU NSS units I and II of Sudharsan Engineering College in association with the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), Pudukkottai conducted a programme on“Sadbhavana Divas” to mark the birth Centenary of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on 22-08-11. Mr.K.Sathasivam, District Youth Coordinator, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Pudukkottai and Mr.R.Rajkumar, Senior Scientist, M.S.Swaminathan Agricultural Research Center, Pudukkottai were the Chief Guests of the occasion. Mr.K.Sathasivam, District Youth Coordinator, NYKS administered pledge of Communal Harmony to the NSS Volunteers numbering 70 involving 25 boys and 25 girls. They took a vow not to discriminate people on the basis of caste, religion, creed and colour. They also took pledge not to resort to violence and solve problem amicably. Mr.R.Rajkumar, Senior Scientist, in his address dealt with the concepts of National Integration, the significance of Chakra in the National Flag, National Integration Camp etc.
N.P.Tandel NSS P.O. 19-10-2011 B.P.Baria Science Institute, Sayaji road, PO.Navsari Ta. and Dist. Navsari 396445 GUJARAT. In these year, Following activities successfully done by our institute. 1. 26 June 11 Meeting with N.S.S. volunteers . 2. 28 June 11 F.Y.B.Sc. newly enrolled volunteers, Height, Weight, and Blood amount calculations . 3. 01 July 11 International drug abused day rally with 40 N.S.S. volunteers. 4. 16 July 11 Flower plantation program by N.S.S. volunteers. 5. 17 July 11 One day orientated camp at onjal machhiwad. 6. 03 Aug 11 Blood Donation camp and Blood Grouping, 44 bags collected.
Syamlal B 18-10-2011 Programme Officer College Of Applied Science, Pattuvam Oct 1 World Blood Donation day The NSS unit of college Of applied Science, Pattuvam(managed by IHRD) under Kannur University organised a Blood Donation Camp with the support from the Blood Bank of Pariyaram Medical College. The function was inaugurated by the principal Smt Aysha by donating blood. Faculties and students made this event a grand success.
Dheeraj N Chavan 13-10-2011 P-119, Bajajnagar, MIDC Waluj, Aurangabad-431133 (Maharashtra State) INDIA We are arranged 2 blood donation camp in this year. First is arranged on the occasion of SHIVJAYANTI and Second is arranged on the occasion of ENGINEERS DAY.
ram kinker singh 11-10-2011 govindpur kanker c.g. mobile 8871281227 We have inagurated an agricultural programme named "Krishikootam" (The agri-group) to make our campus green and vegetable rich. The project is planned and implemented as per the directions from Higher Secondary NSS
Dr Ram Kumar Yadav 10-10-2011 The Director Students’ Welfare, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125004 Blood Donation Camp October 1, 2011-National Bloood Donation Day Blood Donation Camp on October 1, 2011-National Bloood Donation Day was organised by the NSS and, NCC Units of The Directorate of Students’ Welfare, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar. Students, Faculty and the employees including those of College of Vety Science (LLRUVAS) donated blood. A total of 335 units of blood was collected by two blood banks. The venue of the camp was: IC College of Home Science, CCS HAU Hisar.
T.K.Sivakumar 08-10-2011 NSS Programme Officer, Unit-30 Sourashtra College, Pasumalai Madurai-625004 National Service Scheme of Sourashtra College is going to conduct a one-day Blood Donation Camp on 10.10.2011 at the college premises.
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