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Yogesh Kumar Sharma 31-01-2013 St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Polipathar, Jabalpur M.P. There will be a blood donation camp at our school on 09-02-2013 so i kindly request the volunteer to take part in this blood donation camp for betterment for human cause . Thanking you Regarding Mr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma Programme Officer St. Aloysius Senior Secondary School, Polipathar, Jabalpur M.P.
Rashmi Walia 26-01-2013 DAV Model School sector 15 chandigarh NSS wing, Members of the Legal Cell and Cadets of NCC joined together today to celebrate republic Day in the school on 25th January 2013.The celebration were started with patriotic songs followed by dances o n numbers expressing love for the Nation. The students gave various speeches in order to explain the importance of constitution for the country.The highlight for the day was awareness of legal rights imparted by the honourable chief guest Dr.Mrs. Rakesh Sachdeva,principal.She talked to the students about the deteriorating values in the society.She explained the importance of fundamental rights in our lives and also told them to make proper use of these Rights.She paid tribute to soldiers of our country by reciting a self composed poem.She motivated bthe students to join army and serve the nation.She blessed the students to uphold the values and rights as future citizens.Programme officers Mrs.Rashmi Walia,Mrs. Jaishi ,Mr.Rajnish,Mr.Ramesh and Mr. Sanjay Bajaj aspired the students to be responsible citizens of the nation and aware others of their legal rights.
Rashmi Walia 26-01-2013 DAV Model school sector 15 Chandigarh Project ‘Boond’ was formally launched at DAV-15 as per the directions of DAV CMC. The DAV College Managing Committee launched it at all India level to sensitize people to save every drop of water. The students were loaded with awareness and information about the precious asset that is water. Students participated in various competitions like slogan writing, article writing, poetry writing and poster making. The NSS wing of the school and Eco Club, Sampada collaborated to deliver a talk to the students about water conservation. The principal of the school Dr (Mrs.) Rakesh Sachdeva recited a self composed poem titled “If there is water there is tomorrow” many other activities like speeches in the classroom by teachers were held. The event will be held for a month and a half. Many activities are scheduled for the period and will culminate on 22nd march. The president of the DAV CMC Mr. Poonam Suri has whole heartedly taken the initiative to educate the masses to save water to prevent the third world war.
Yogesh Kumar Sharma 23-01-2013 NSS Programme Officer St.Aloysius Senior Secondary School Polipather Jabalpur MP Orientation program was conducted for NSS cadets which was conducted Devansh Gautam
Dr.Naveen Kumar Singh 22-01-2013 Associate Professor &Head Dept of Engg Chemistry ,NITM Gwalior M.P 15 Aug 2012 NSS volunteers participated in the INDEPENDENCE DAY Celebration held in the College . The function was marked with patriotic songs, dances etc. Dr.A.S. Trivedi & Dr.V.K. Gupta addressed the gathering and promoted the true feelings for Nation.
Dr Naveen Kumar Singh 22-01-2013 Associate Professor &Head Dept of Engg Chemistry,NITM Gwalior M.P. NSS unit of NITM gwalior performs song ,dance drama ,19 Nov 2012 Women Empowerment programme organised by M.P. Govt, chief Guest Honorable Mr.Shivraj Singh Chauhan
pankaj arjun gavit 21-01-2013 at panbara post khanapur tel navapur dist nandurbar criket
pankaj gavit 21-01-2013 at panbara post khanapur tel navapur dist nandurbar criket
jack 28-12-2012 23,ake view, ahmedabad provided help to underprivileged kids
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