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Dr Khursheed Ahmad Wani 14-01-2017 Department of Environmental Sciecne ITM university Gwalior Cleaning of Tighra Wetland Tighra reservoir was constructed on Saank River in the year 1917 near Tighra village in Gwalior district, Madhya Pradesh. This wetland is a source of drinking water to people of Gwalior and its water is used for agricultural and industrial purposes as well. The wetland is rich in biodiversity and play important role in the natural environment. It is a major structural component of littoral habitats, acting as shelters, nesting and feeding grounds for fish and birds of the area. Due to influx of local tourists the wetland is getting contaminated day by day. The visitors drop polythene bags, water pouches, plastic bottles, wasted food into the wetland destroying the beauty of the reservoir and deteriorating the quality of water. The students of ECO CLUB and NSS, ITM University along with faculty members visited the reservoir on 14 January, 2017 to clean the reservoir. The National Service Scheme (NSS) and ECO CLUB have now decided to move forward with the project to desilt and remove the solid waste, polythene bags and the weeds from the reservoir. The NSS programme coordinator and ECO CLUB coordinator, Dr K A Wani along with Ms. Chanda Purswani, Mr. Pradip Mittal stressed the students that they should incorporate environment into Engineering and construct dams that will have the self purification mechanism to reduce and tolerate the pollution load. NSS and Eco Club Members have started removing garbage that pollutes the reservoir since 2011 and there was a good zeal and passion among the students of ECO CLUB and NSS members. The students were very happy with this kind of activity and they have taken a pledge to work for the social cause in near future. However, the recovery of a lake environment is not the job of a single person but the entire community. All people who care about the wetland environment, such as local residents and those on the upper and lower reaches who use the water, should express their concern through action. This activity was widely appreciated by the tourists and the local people of Tighra.
vikram sood 10-01-2017 vill-sevra,post-tevdi,th-virat nager,Jaipur durgapura,goshala, Jaipur sharmdan
Kanishk Raval 10-01-2017 CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai NSS unit of Saraswati College of Engineering Constructed two ferro-cement tanks each of capacity 10000 liters and also did destilting to widen a canal at a village shiron pada in district Palghar.
Dr. A. Ashok Kumar 08-01-2017 Assistant Professor & NSS programme officer, Department of computer science, Alagappa Govt. Art College, Karaikudi - 630003 we conducted orientation program for our NSS students on "Cashless Economy". Various types of cashless mode of transactions were explained and students motivated to literate the public and merchants. 130 students actively participated this programme on 05-01-2017
Dr. A. Ashok Kumar 08-01-2017 Assistant Professor & NSS programme officer, Department of computer science, Alagappa Govt. Art College, Karaikudi - 630003 orientation programme was conducted on 03-01-2017 for Swachhata-Moud app. Nearly 120 students were educated. Karaikudi municipal commissioner demonstrated the app
Saravana Priya 30-12-2016 NSS representative ,Bharathidasan Institute of Technology,Anna University,Trichy,Tamilnadu Awareness program about swachhata mobile app was conducted in our college .Organised by NSS and TCC ,around fifty students were benefited through this awareness program.surely our city will become first in cleanliness in the upcoming year.
RAHUL VERMA 30-12-2016 Kalpna degree college haiderganj Kalpna degree college haiderganj
Surya 21-12-2016 NSS representative,Bharathidasan Institute of technology,Anna University,Trichy On 14th Nov(childrens day),we the NSS volunteers in association with the manam club members of our college conducted dance and drama competition for differently abled children in the presence of our program officers.Our Dean Dr.Senthilkumar distributed prizes for all the participants. It was wonderful when we saw their talents.
vijay kumar 19-12-2016 Shivampuri colony Faizabad Ploughing and sweeping
Professor R G Chate and M K Thorat 16-12-2016 Saraswati Vidya Mandir Arts College Kinwat, Tq. Kinwat, Dist Nanded. One Day Shramadan Cleaning Camp organised by NSS unit in the college on 14th of December. The unit of 150 students actively participated in this programme and they had cleaned the college campus as well as the college garden. The programme officer R G Chate and M K Thorat motivated the students for good habits and importance of cleanliness. Dr M D Kulkarni Professor A A Kite DR K V Ainenwar had supported the cleanliness programme devotedly.
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