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» When was the draft outline of the NSS placed before the Education Minister’s conference ?
» When was the National Service Scheme launched ?
» National Service Scheme is popularly known as …..?
» What was the initial enrolment in NSS ?
» What is the National Service Scheme ?
» During which five year Plan, Planning Commission sanctioned NSS ?
» What is the Motto of NSS ?
» What is the NSS symbol ?
» What does the colour Navy blue depict in NSS badge ?
» What does the colour red depicts in NSS badge?
» What does the giant wheel depicts in NSS symbol ?
» When is the NSS day observed ?
» Where is the NSS Headquarter located?
» Who is the National Head controlling this scheme?
» What is the student in NSS known as?
» What is an NSS unit?
» Who is incharge of an NSS unit ?
» How can I join NSS ?
» I am a graduate and still very keen to be a part of NSS. How can I continue my association with NSS ?
» How many NSS units can be allotted to an institution ?
» What are the aims & objectives of NSS ?
» Can a student of 8th class join NSS ?
» Who is the Programme Officer ?
» What sort of activities are undertaken in NSS ?
» What is the nature of this scheme, whether compulsory or voluntary?
» Is it compulsory to wear NSS badge ?
» What is the uniform in NSS ?
» How much time I will have to devote as an NSS volunteer?
» What sorts of benefit I can get from this scheme?
» If I complete only 120 hrs social service in NSS, will I get any Certificate?
» Is it compulsory to attend 10 days NSS Special Camp ?
» Can I get any award for some extraordinary social work?
» Can I get any chance for visiting other States in the country or abroad ? How?
» What are the National level projects undertaken by NSS ?
» Why NSS is not having any uniform like NCC , Bharat Scouts & Guide?
» How NSS will be useful in developing my personality?
» Will NSS have any adverse effect on my studies.
» Will I get some additional weightage during my admission in higher studies ?
» Will I get some preference as given to NCC Cadets while applying for Govt. jobs.
» Which Central Ministry govern & implement NSS scheme?
» I have heard about NYKS, what is the difference between NSS & NYKS?
» What are the State Level Youth leadership Training camps?
» What is meant by NSS Special Camping programme?
» Who is the Head of NSS at +2 Board level/University level ?
» What is meant by regular activities in NSS ?
» Can I get a copy of NSS manual published by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, New Delhi ?
» How can I participate in Republic Day parade camp at Rajpath in New Delhi ?
» What is the physical criteria for participation in NSS R.D. Camp?
» Can I continue as an NSS volunteers for five years consequently ie from XIth standard upto graduation ?
» Does NSS organise National Integration Camps ?
» What is Inter State Youth Exchange programme ?
» What is an adopted village/slum ?
» What is meant by community service?
» Does NSS celebrate National days, Weeks etc ?
» What is the idea behind manual labour done by NSS volunteers?
» What is the role of NSS during Natural calamities or disaster ?
» What contribution has NSS given against the devil of AIDS ?
» Are we supposed to work in close coordination with Health Services Deptt., Doctors etc in hospitals ?
» What are common programmes on Health in which NSS volunteers generally participate?
» Does NSS hold any sort of School/College/State/National level competitions regularly on various subjects?
» Like NSS Programme Officers, do volunteers also get some orientation.
» I have been told that an NSS volunteer has to devote 120 hours in social service in a year , What is the breakup for orientation, Campus work and Community service.
» I have seen NSS volunteers cleaning the roads, Schools/Hospitals premises, collecting garbage, digging pots etc., are they labourers?
» NSS Programme Officer is the main key functionary of NSS in Colleges/Schools what role does the Principal play in the implementation of this scheme?
» Has this scheme been incorporated in curriculum of any standard ?
» Beside 10 days NSS Special Camps , what does Day Camps stand for ?
» Are we supposed to pay any fees for enrolment as an NSS volunteer?
» I have heard about some NSS Regional Centres, What is their role?
» Is there any certain academic qualification required for enrolment as NSS volunteers?
» Am I supposed to participate in election campaigns, rallies as an NSS volunteer ?
» Am I supposed to administer injections during immunisation programmes?
» What is the duration of NSS scheme as an NSS volunteer?
» How many saplings I will have to plant in a year to get the NSS certificate?
» Is there any fixed number to literate the people during an academic year?
» Will I get some extra days for preparation of my exams in lieu of the month & ten days time devoted by me in the NSS Pre-R.D. and R.D. camps ?
» Can I donate blood during blood donation camps ?
» Is it compulsory to donate blood for an NSS volunteer ?
» Do we ever get Army training such as drill , shooting , horse riding etc as an NSS volunteer ?
» What is the composition of an NSS unit?
» How many States/Uts does NSS cover all over the country ?
» What is the present allocation of NSS volunteers in the country?
» When was the UTA (Universities Talk AIDS) project launched by NSS ?
» Who is the Union Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports looking after NSS ?
» What sort of services can NSS unit provide in the slum areas?
» Is this scheme applicable to only Govt. Schools & Colleges ?
» How many NSS Regional Centres are there in India ?
» Who is the Head of NSS at State Level ?
» What sort of remuneration do we get during regular activities?
» Do NSS units have any connection with other voluntary organisation?
» Should an NSS unit work in such areas where political conflicts are likely to arise ?
» Can NSS units coordinate with other Govt. agencies for accomplishment of undertaken projects in adopted areas/slums.
» Has NSS volunteers ever been exposed to work in Natural disasters & calamities?
» Can I ever get any chance to meet some eminent personalities/celebrities while working in NSS ?
» Who is a Programme Coordinator in NSS ?
» Does the Vice-Chancellor of the universities have any role in implementation of NSS ?
» How many NSS volunteers can participate in a Special Camp?
» What is meant by the theme of special camps?
» What is the theme for special camping programme this year?
» How can I get a Central Govt. job as an executive member of NSS organisation after completion of my studies?

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